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Taste is a subjective matter, but a good sausage should be tasty and not harm the taster. Therefore, we don t put any chemicals whatsoever in our sausages, i.e. no carcinogenic nitrate/nitrites, no MSG, no… well nothing but good stuff!


So here's how we do it


First we select our free range meats, prime cuts only. No scrap. No cage! A happy animal will make a happy sausage.


Second, we prepare the meats to make sure there are no grizzle left in the mix, for your comfort. Only the best will do.


We dice the meats. Dicing...


We prepare the seasoning, made of rock sea salt, freshly grounded top quality spices, and yes, wine most of the time. Come on, we're French!


We mix the seasoning into the meat and we let it cure for 24 hours in the chiller. This is an important step in producing the best, most refined flavour.


Next we add the fresh herbs and mince the whole on a big plate. We love coarse mix because we have nothing to hide, you can see what's in the sausage. The more processed the sausage is, the more discerning you should be!


And finally it's what we don't do! We don't add any rusk, breadcrumb, flour, filler etc... because a meat sausage should be made of... well meat, shouldn’t it? We think so.